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The robots are coming: event re-cap and a new discussion paper

IABC Victoria’s most recent event and a newly released discussion paper aim to spark a conversation about the future of communications in an age of rampaging technology. Download a copy of the new discussion paper – ‘The robots are coming: AI, automation and the future of communications’. Last week’s IABC Victoria event saw a...

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Member Musings: Margot Gorski

Director: PR Matters Tell us about what you do I work with a range of clients, mainly on media campaigns but also on their communications needs more broadly. In any week we could be promoting an event, launching an academic report or a new product, and perhaps managing an issue that’s come up for...

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Member Musings: Mairi Barton

Chief Executive: Pinch Yourself Communication Tell us about what you do I love working with organisations to help them make the most of the good things and the best of the bad things through the use of effective communication and stakeholder engagement. I believe communication has a critical role in creating the right internal...

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Member Musings: Ross Monaghan

Lecturer at Deakin University When did you join IABC Victoria? I joined IABC when I was at University, back in the 1980s. Although I don’t have continual membership, I would probably have at least 20 years of membership under my belt. Why did you become an IABC Victoria member? I became a member because...

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Member Musings: Emma Miller

Student at Deakin University Tell us about what you study at Deakin University. I am currently a second year student, studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Digital Media. I chose to study this degree as it’s very diverse, and there are so many career options in this field. When did you join IABC...

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Travels with the Global Chair

The only problem with selling an exclusive offer is that somewhere along the way, you’ve got to make sure the product lives up to the promise. The message from Head Office that the Global head of the IABC organisation – International Executive Board Chair, Sharon Hunter, was coming to Melbourne as part of a...

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Improving the way we communicate

Here at IABC Victoria we pride ourselves on providing our members with exclusive knowledge, content and resources in a contemporary and easy-to-consume way. Which is why we’ve decided to transition from a newsletter, sent via email once a month, to regular online blog posts published on our website, that you can search and comment...

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Lights on with Deb Ganderton

Each month, we interview a prominent communication professional about a ‘lights on’ moment they’ve experienced in their career. This month we speak with Executive Manager Communications and Customer Experience at City of Boroondara, Deb Ganderton.    Can you describe a major ‘lights on’ moment in your career…an event, occurrence or moment in your career...

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IABC Victoria is the world's largest IABC chapter outside North America. Through our active program of communications thought leadership, events, certification and awards, IABC Victoria can offer you professional development, connection to your local and global peers and global recognition that will set you apart from the rest.


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