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20/03/2017 / /

talk55 – Communications and Technology

6 – 8.30pm, Monday 20 March
Green Brain Conference Room, Storey Hall
RMIT City Campus, 342 Swanston Street Melbourne

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IABC Victoria, in collaboration with Coral Communications, is delighted to be hosting another fun-filled and dynamic evening, where our members and friends take control.

talk55 is back for 2017 and inviting communications professionals to come together and share breakthrough ideas and inspiring stories.

This year’s theme – Communications and Technology – will hear a range of experts present on and discuss the newest ideas and latest technologies shaping our industry today.

talk55 is a springboard to launch your ideas into play. It’s lively, inspiring, fast-paced and above all, lots of fun.

You can be a speaker or a listener; either way, we’d love you to come along and share your personal experiences and successes from working in today’s information age, on what promises to once again be a highlight on our 2017 calendar.

How it works

  • Five slides, five minutes. That’s it!
  • Present a short, pre-prepared talk on a Communications and Technology topic of choice to an audience of your professional peers.
  • Hear from up to 12 professionals on topics which they are personally and professionally passionate about.
  • And as always, there’ll be drinks, nibbles and plenty of networking opportunities.

Speakers announced!

SPECIAL GUEST: Gabrielle Dolan, Author Stories for Work: The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling and key note at this year’s IABC World Conference!

Why storytelling is needed more than ever

Gabrielle Dolan is a considered one of the world’s leading experts on storytelling in business. In this presentation she will explore why the ancient art of storytelling is needed now more than ever in our fast paced world of technology. Learn how stories can be used to make your messages memorable in an era of information overload, change and disruption.

Andrew Ford
Managing Director, Social Star

How to be more e-ttractive and master your destiny

Life is now lived online and how you create your brand will be how people perceive you. To create an online profile that makes you e-ttractive to your audience requires you to dig into yourself to find your brand essence. Then build an effective digital presence where your fans live and finally leverage your brand with useful and creative content. Build your brand, be more e-ttractive and master your destiny.

Lama Tayeh
Founder & CEO, LULUMPR®

Why visual communication is on the rise in today’s hyperconnected world  

Technology continues to evolve and give us more ways to communicate outside of verbal and text-based means of communicating. Nowadays visual storytelling reigns as the most effective way to communicate, invoke emotion and drive action.

Simon Mossman
Corporate communications, Citywide

Case Study: Snakes Alive – why you need to get talking within 55 seconds…

In a hi-tech-centric world, “Snakes Alive” unpacks a lo-fi real-time approach to successfully communicating with a target audience. This case study includes actionable steps that all attendees can apply in their own communication settings to replicate our results.

Cam Hamilton
Communications & Digital Lead, Puzzle Partners

Doing the impossible – exciting people about change

Last year, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet were searching for new ways of working that would lead to brighter ideas and better outcomes for Australia. The Working Your Way pilot program was launched to help 150 staff better understand flexible environments and their benefits to collaboration and innovation.

Cam managed project communications, including the design of an internal portal to engage people in the co-design process. Creating an interactive experience, the portal demystified the unknown, preparing people to trial prototype settings and technologies. Their digital exploration of the portal allowed her to track interest and generate content accordingly.

Tim Lele
Account Director, Keep Left

How the CIO can be a comms leader’s best asset

The lines between business and technology news are blurring. Some of today’s most interesting stories are about how innovation and disruption are solving age old problems. The world’s richest company makes devices, and this year’s hottest IPO is an app. Whether you’re in a commercial business, the government or NFP space, every organisation is waking up to realise – that in some way – they are in the technology business. That’s why today’s comms leaders need to be technology experts, able to decipher a CIO’s jargon, understand the difference between automation and AI and tell compelling stories about how technology is making our lives better. In this presentation, Tim will discuss some of the top business tech trends comms leaders need to be aware of and provide some tips on uncovering great tech stories from within an organisation.

Katie Kissane
Strategic Communications Manager, Monash College

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Has ‘business as usual’ become a negative term within your organisation? Is what you do invisible to the C-suite? Communication is fundamental to business success, yet is often taken for granted.

So much of what we do is behind the scenes. We bring value by empowering others and building capability; enabling our clients to put their best foot forward and projects to have impact. Finding a way to quantify and promote this BAU service is also important to being able to sustain it!

Shailla Van Raad
Senior Communications Advisor, ATO
E-Learning Advisor, Marketing and Communication, Swinburne University

Reality bites: when digital becomes us

Present day life is slowly becoming a science fiction film. We’ve travelled beyond the time of  the 2001 Space Odyssey, and even the touch screens of Minority Report. We’re now all at risk of slowly becoming part-robots: trans-humans who walk the earth. Our perceptions are constantly being tweaked by technology, including the most revolutionary technological channel created in the last 15 years – the smartphone. So what happens when we as consumers and customers are having more online and digital experiences than our physical ones? What does that mean for the way marketers and communicators reach us? And would we consider new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality advancements or hindrances to the way we experience life? How will this change the way we market to audiences?

Danielle Jorgensen
Brand Consultant, Tribe Twenty   

Being Yourself, it’s Complicated   

Regardless of technology, tools, platforms or method, an essential key to good communication is trust.  How do you start to build trust?  Be yourself.  How do you be yourself?  It’s complicated…

Clinton Elliott
Stakeholder Relations Coordinator, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Engagement Technology – Why build participation into your communication?

Technology is changing the way we quantify our value as communicators. We measure website hits, likes, reads, opens and attendees. But what other tools exist to measure and develop the relationships we build ? Engagement is a term often used for staff, but what does it mean for stakeholders? Clinton talks of his experience designing custom collaborative communication campaigns. He develops new programs to increase participation and build shared purpose for stakeholders in government and tertiary education.

Kate Raulings
Digital Engagement & Innovation Lead – City of Port Phillip

Who are you talking to?

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate, and who we communicate with. Devices available today seamlessly translate as we talk enabling us to overcome language barriers. Then there’s there growing number of people who turn to virtual assistants (enabled with artificial intelligence and machine learning) for conversation.

The volume of data being generated today is also growing faster than ever. This presents us as communicators with some interesting choices over how we use big data, what we communicate and with whom.

Dr Martin Hirst
SWS Media Consulting

Social journalism in the business world

Having a presence on social media is a business ‘given’ these days. However, brand recognition also requires an investment in content. Social media is now also an important space for news and ‘news-like’ user-generated content. Having a good presence in this channel is a great way to establish reputation and credibility.

Creating and curating ‘newsy’ content that delivers a brand message beyond marketing is an emerging business need. Using your audience and employees as a writing resource can address content sourcing issues. ‘Social journalism’ helps business harness these low cost resources effectively.

Adrian Cropley, ABC, Fellow RSA
CEO, Cropley Communication and the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence

And your bird can sing

Coping with the digital evolution is a key challenge for communication professionals. Internally, organisations are increasingly focusing on creating a communication experience for their employees that mimics personal experience. After all, employees are consumers and like consumers, they use mobile devices to stay connected. Adrian will share key insights about how mobile technology and analytics drive purposeful communication, and share an example of an enterprise mobile app that provides employees with the information they need, when they need it, on a device they use most. In return, communication professionals get great analytics on what people are actually reading.


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