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Communication Certification

Certification is a great way to validate your experience, benchmark your skills and measure your career progress.

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) launched a new certification program in 2015 with the aim of developing a truly global series of professional certifications for the communications professional. 

The first certification developed by the GCCC is the Communication Management Professional, aimed at the generalist/specialist level, a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development and is designed around ISO (17024), an international standard for professional certifications.

About the generalist/specialist career level
At this level, the communication professional branches into a role with either a specific or a general focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach. You will apply a deeper understanding and practice of the principles set forth in the Global Standard. Here, you begin to refine your career choices. You can be satisfied as a generalist or specialist for a number of years or for a whole career, but expertise and responsibility will continue to grow.

Some professionals never need or want to move away from this milestone, thriving on interdependent work. You will build expertise in at least one area of the industry. You will develop credibility and a reputation while building strong internal networks of relationships related to your area of expertise and gain greater ability to develop strategic focus and problem-solving techniques.

Find out more about the new certification program and the application for the CMP certification.

CMP Graduates.

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ABC Designation

As the IABC moves forward with the new certification program, it is important that we acknowledge and honour the support that has been provided by the Accredited Business Communicators (ABC). Many ABCs were involved in guiding the vision for this certification program and ABC designees continue to be instrumental in its development.


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