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About the CMP Exam

The GCCC exam is in multiple-choice format and is conducted in English only. Exam questions are all based on a practice (job) analysis that identifies the domains of practice, tasks performed and knowledge required for effective performance as a communication professional.

To develop the exam, the GCCC engaged subject matter experts from across the globe to form exam writing and validation groups. These groups are responsible for the development and validation of exam questions to ensure that they are fair and that they assess the appropriate knowledge and skills for the various levels of certification.

The GCCC certification program assesses the skills, knowledge and experience of applicants seeking certification. Applicants provide information regarding their education and experience, which is then assessed by the GCCC for its validity. Applicants approved to sit for the certification exam have their skills and knowledge assessed through a multiple choice exam based on the five domains and the weighted percentage for that domain within the exam can found below.

Communication ethics 6
Communication research and analysis 24
Communication strategy and engagement 34
Consistency and strategic implementation 17
Communication measurement 19

Applying for the CMP exam

To apply to take the certification exam, you will describe your education, training and experience. You are asked to provide the following supporting documentation:

Formal education: Document where you obtained your education, the name of the institution, the dates attended, and the number of credits or the degree earned.

Training: Training documentation should include dates, hours of face-time (in-person or online including videos or audios), instructor name, institution, and either a signed document or contact information for an institution representative (full name, title and institution at the time of the education, current title and employer, email address, telephone number). *Training must have taken place within two years of application submission.

Experience: You need to offer references who are willing to vouch for the experience you are claiming. For each, you must include the contact’s full name, title and employer at the time you gained the experience, current title and employer, email address, and telephone number. At least one reference will be randomly selected to contact for verification purposes.

You are encouraged to download and refer to the Communication Management Professional Candidate Handbook for more detailed information on requirements and definitions.

Once your application has been completed and has been verified and accepted by the GCCC, you will be notified within 30 days whether you are approved to sit for the exam. If you are eligible to sit for the exam, you will have two years from the date of your application approval to pass the exam for that level. Fees are noted below in fee schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: The priority deadline to submit an application for review for the October exams is 1 September 2016.  The deadline to register for the Melbourne exam will is 1 October 2016.  

Please review the Candidate Handbook above, ensure that you are able to meet the requirements for application, then start the application process. Once you’ve completed the application, upload it and pay the application fee.

Fee schedule

CMP application IABC members US$500
CMP application Non-members US$800
CMP exam fee (due upon registration) All US$100
Annual certification maintenance fee All US$100

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