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Comms 360º survey results are (finally!) here


In June 2015, Coral Communications, in partnership with IABC Victoria and RMIT, launched a survey to determine the alignment between communicators, their clients and Academia. We shared our initial findings in September last year, and after analysis and refinement, we are pleased to share the completed report.


“Today’s in-house Communicators are closely aligned with their in-house Clients on their perceptions of what they consider to be important for providing effective in-house Communications support.  This [apparent] consensus provides a shared starting point for deeper discussion of the best allocation of communications resources.”

Coral Communications in partnership with RMIT and IABC Victoria proudly present the findings of their empirical study into the state of alignment between communicators, their clients and Academia. The research involved a 360-degree feedback process, looking at the communication needs of businesses, how well these needs are being met and how well our tertiary educators are preparing students to meet these needs. This industry first will help forge alignment by providing organisations and educational institutions with an understanding of communications focus and activities, and the points of divergence with their strategy and priorities.

Download the report

Keep an eye out in future editions of our monthly newsletter for further insight into these results and some practical ways you can put these findings to work.

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