Certification is a great way to validate your experience, benchmark your skills and measure your career progress. At IABC Victoria, we fully support our members to attain this goal.

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) offers two levels of certification.

Communication Management Professional (CMP) — For generalist, specialist and other business communication professionals established in their careers as managers and looking to demonstrate their competence.

Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) — For highly skilled business communication professionals practiced in providing strategic communication advice and counselling to an organisation’s leadership.

Does this sound like you?

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In September 2019, IABC Victoria held its first certification exam for the year and congratulated four new SCMPs on their success. A second certification exam will take place in Melbourne on Sunday 24 November 2019. If you wish to make an enquiry about this exam, please email IABC Victoria President Sia Papageorgiou at president@iabcvic.com.au.

Here are our chapter’s certified graduates 

  • Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, SCMP
  • Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP
  • Zora Artis GAICD, SCMP, FAMI CPM
  • Christine Elmer SCMP
  • Jo Curkpatrick SCMP
  • Mairi Barton SCMP
  • Danielle Bond SCMP
  • Rita Zonius SCMP
  • Tom Noble SCMP
  • Lauren Nowak SCMP
  • Katherine Loftus SCMP
  • Arun Kayal SCMP

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