At IABC Victoria we’re serious about your professional development and helping you elevate your value within your organisation.

Which is why we’re proud to announce, our second Communication Management Professional (CMP) and Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certification exam will take place in Melbourne on Sunday 8 September.

More information about certification, including the application form you must complete before you can sit the exam, is available on the Global Communication Certification Council website.

In the meantime, need a reason to get certified? Here are four:

  1. On average, people with a bachelor’s degree and higher, combined with a certification earn 18% more per week, when compared to people who hold a bachelor’s degree and higher but hold no certification.
  2. 50% of all certified professionals are promoted within the first six months of getting a certification.
  3. Certified professionals are almost two times as likely to received frequent pay rises than their non-certified peers.
  4. Recruiters are three times more likely to shortlist an applicant’s profile if they have a professional certification to their name.

Contact Sia Papageorgiou at: if you want to have a chat or learn more about certification.