Don’t miss your chance to see the very best minds in strategic communication go head-to-head in IABC Victoria’s Great Debate!

Our annual Great Debate is running again this year. Save the date and make sure you join us on Wednesday 26 May for an evening of compelling arguments and outrageous rebuttals as our affirmative and negative debate teams face off against each other.

What are we debating, you ask?  Here are the three topics currently on the table:

Topic 1: Facts are no longer relevant
Do values trump truth? Are we living in a post-truth world where objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief?

Topic 2: All data should be freely shared
There should be no restrictions on the data we gather and use to improve our communication and engagement.

Topic 3: There is no such thing as privacy
As we post our more and more of our personal and professional lives on social media and messaging apps, privacy is a thing of the past and people should not expect to have it.

Stay tuned as we reveal the topic of interest in the next few weeks….for now be sure to pencil this date in your diary!