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IABC Strategy update – a snap shot

IABC Quarterly Strategy Report 2013.


As many of you would be aware, the IABC is undertaking a journey of change to ensure that we are more relevant and responsive to member needs. Following a major global member survey in 2009/10, the IABC has developed a considered three-year strategy focusing on three fundamental pillars of career, content and business.


The implementation of this strategy has seen a great deal of activity and discussion. Some of the key accomplishments to date include:

  • Definitions of the Global Standard, including principles for the profession and the role of the communication professional.
  • Definition of career milestones and the need for an updated competency framework.
  • Identification of four content themes that will drive IABC's content development going forward.
  • Reinforcement of the strategic focus of research.
  • Introduction of the process for planned changes to accreditation/certification
  • Revitalization of the Gold Quill Awards program and awards evaluator training and designation that will boost the value of the program and the quality  of evaluation provided to entrants.


A summary of the activity across these three pillars can be found here.

Zora Artis – IABC Victoria Vice President


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