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IABC Victoria member profile – Keith De La Rue


This month we speak to Keith De La Rue of AcKnowledge Consulting.

1. Keith, what's your current role?

I am currently running my own business, AcKnowledge Consulting, consulting in Knowledge Management and Communication. This sees me engaged in a range of client projects, and I also develop and deliver postgraduate and undergraduate education in these and related fields. 


2. Why did you decide to join IABC Victoria?

I joined IABC Victoria a few years ago while working in Knowledge Management at Telstra. In our work, knowledge sharing was the main focus; through this I had exposure to the Communications field.  I first heard about IABC when I bumped into another Australian – Adrian Cropley –  while speaking at a Communications conference in Singapore, who prompted me to join.

3. How has your membership helped you in your work?

Joining IABC Victoria gave me an opportunity to meet with more people interested in Communications, and to further my learning of the craft. I have particularly enjoyed the chance to attend some interesting presentations face-to-face in Melbourne. I also appreciate the access to rich global online resources – this has been of great value personally, and in finding reference sources for developing training material.

4. Which aspect of IABC Victoria membership do you value most and why?

As I often work as a solo consultant, I value the networking opportunities. We can all learn from each other. Sharing ideas across disciplines is the key to innovation and creativity, and appeals to my Knowledge Management-oriented mindset!

If you’re inspired by Keith’s story and are not a member, find out more about the benefits of joining IABC today.

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