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Listen and be heard in the digital age


One of IABC Victoria’s valued partners – Ampersand Executive, Search & Advisory – reports on this year’s Corporate Affairs Summit and the big changes hitting our profession.


Recently, Ampersand’s Tim James and Richard Norey undertook their annual pilgrimage to the Corporate Affairs Summit in Sydney.

They were both struck by the many changes that impact our profession today… the rise of new forces and communication techniques that were either nascent or non-existent just four years ago.

These changes are so marked that Tim and Richard decided to devote the annual Ampersand Corporate Affairs Insights paper to them.

In this paper, Tim and Richard discuss the major Corporate Affairs trends highlighted at CAS14, including:

  • The growing importance of listening and how digital media has changed who, where and how we listen.
  • The digital transformation of society and what it means for the way businesses connect with stakeholders and consumers.
  • The importance of building a communications ecosystem to allow the free flow of information right through the organisation.
  • The rapidly changing face of crisis communication.
  • The convergence of marketing, corporate affairs and digital.
  • The relaxation of the corporate narrative and the need to make sure everyone can understand and share it.

You can view a copy of the report below. You can also download a copy (PDF) here



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