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This morning saw the Melbourne launch of the IABC / OgilvyPR research study at a Ogilvy On Breakfast at ZInc, Federation Square. 

It was an illuminating panel discussion chaired by journalist / columnist Sarah Wilson (a very generous last minute stand in for an ailing Tony Jones). 

You may have seen the article in the Australian on Monday. Much has been made of the decision to drop the use of AVE as  measure of a campaign's success.

You can find a high level report on the findings on Ogilvy's blog here, and also a contact for the full study.

About 25% of the study respondents were IABC members. And I must say there are some absolute *clangers* in the research.

63% of survey respondents believe that educating future audiences will depend on our ability to entertain them.

Understanding and experience of business management and operational experience is the least important quality (4%) of a successful PR agency professional in 2021

What surprised many of the IABC members in the audience was the relatively recent realisation that the organisation's employees are critical to the success of campaigns. 

IABC is a diverse umbrella organisations — we are fortunate to consist of many disciplines, PR, Advertising, Employee Comms among the many. I would like to think that our members within the PR discipline would find some of these results quite concerning, in some way they do a disservice to the many outstanding PR agencies who have been fully on board with the need to integrate internal and external communications for a long, long, time. Who understand that if they do not converse in the language of business management and operations they cannot truly be influential in achieving the clients goals. And the need to entertain future audiences? I really hope that is indicative of the average industry opinion and IABC members represent the outliers! Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

IABC Victoria member Melissa Dark has written a terrific piece on the event here putting forward the internal communications perspective of the event.

And for more take-away's check out the tweetstream on #ogilvyon

A very big thank you to OgilvyPR for this work — it shall be instrumental in shaping conversations of recruitment, product design, and client engagement. And a very big thank you to the members who participated.


Jennifer Frahm

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  • Jamie Garantziotis

    Thanks for sharing this overview Jen, and also to Melissa for her post.

    I agree with your comments above- and am most particularly concerned about the statistic that only 4% of respondents deemed knowledge of business management and operational experience as a required attribute of a successful PR practitioner in the future.

    Having come from a Masters degree in PR and Communication based out of a Humanities (rather than business) faculty, I’ve found so far in my career that the steepest and most valuable learning curve has been learning and understanding how the business I work in is managed and operates.

    More than that, it’s become clear to me that to be an effective professional and valued asset to the organisation (or client), you need to be able to work with this management to define objectives at an operational level and achieve results.

    To think that less than 1 in 20 PR professionals (based on this research) agree with this idea is quite a concern.

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