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An interesting follow up to last week's crisis comms and reputation lunch. One of the points Sam North made about social media, was if you have a good reputation, people will forgive a gaffe. When we asked Barbara Sharp what Qantas should do now to rebuild, she said "Apologise, apologise some more, and keep apologising until people ask you to stop".

Today @qantasairways tweeted "Tell us 'What is your dream luxury inflight experience?' #QantasLuxury." For those unfamiliar with the convention, a hashtag (#QantasLuxury) provides a way of identifying your tweet with a topic. So in an ideal world, people fond of the brand would tweet in response with ideas of luxury inflight experience, providing market research, and positive brand association.

It's a pity that @qantasairways didn't attend the lunch and listen to Barbara — click here to see what happens when a Hashtag gets highjacked.

#QantasLuxury is being able to spend hundreds of millions on lounges for 5% of its international passengers while (allegedly) losing $200m.»

#QantasLuxury is awarding your CEO a massive pay increase shortly before he cries poor and locks out the workforce.

#QantasLuxury is a nice pair of shoes, so I can walk across the terminal to another company that is still flying

OK IABC Victoria members — tell us what should Qantas NOW do to reclaim and salvage the brand.

Update: This was @qantasairways response 2 hours later –> #qantasluxury is just one of many comps we've run lately. Thanks for the entries 😉

And more from Mumbrella

And a really good wrap up from Gavin Heaton with help from Tipereth Gloria.

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