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Meet your new IABC Victoria Board

IABC Victoria is proud to introduce its 2016 volunteer Board.

Ivan Levacic (Vice President), Deb Lemcke (President) and Damien Batey (Immediate Past President)


At last night’s IABC Victoria Annual General Meeting, we were excited to confirm our new volunteer Board for 2016.

This year’s Board includes a lot of new faces and some top-notch new skills. The Board is also considerably larger than previous years. This reflects an ongoing commitment to meeting your communications needs as well as the exceptional growth IABC Victoria has experienced in recent years. Membership, for example, has increased by over 30% in the last two and a bit years.

Please welcome your new Board for 2016.

President: Deb Lemcke

Vice President: Ivan Levacic

Immediate Past President: Damien Batey

Treasurer: Christopher Whitefield

Secretary: Julie Weldon

Events Co-Chairs: Mary Todorov and Amy Grodzicki

Student & Academic Liaison: Jenna Waite

Membership Co-Chairs: Kate Gore and Kate van der Drift

Sponsorships: Peta McKellar

Brand / Communications Co-Chairs: Verity Lowe, Ingrid Nienaber and Fiona McGregor

Education: Cerise Paul-Igai

Further information about our new Board members will be available soon.


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